This one-day programme features 9 Malaysian works performed by UCSI faculty, alumni & students. This is aimed at bringing our music to as wide a pool of local pianists as possible, to foster lasting appreciation among our musicians for home grown music.

Starting the day will be a series of presentations by the composers where participants can get behind the thought processes of the musical minds, and ask them questions afterwards. This is followed by a session where the pianists and composers get the chance to discuss their works and gain more insight into each other's disciplines.

The day ends with the concert of the 9 works after which two winners will be announced, who will receive commissions to write for the next UCSI University International Piano Festival & Competition 2022.



10.30am - 12.30pm    Meet the Composers Session I 
2pm - 3.45pm             Meet the Composers Session II 
5pm - 6pm                   Composer - Performer Forum 


8pm                              Concert

Concert Programme

Ainolnaim Azizol:   Berlabuh (performer Ho Su Han)
Chan Wei Tuck:   Contemplation (Chan Mei Xuan)
Jessica Cho:   Arrhythmia (Tian Zi Yan)
Rayner Naili:   Secluded Voice (Lee Ying Jie)
Nicole Ong:   Piano Variations No. 1 (Chen Jay Hou)
Johan Othman:   Four Bagatelles (Ysan Suit Yin)
Tai Yun Ming:   Turning into Stars (Chee Su-yen)
Zhiyong Tan:   Sad Fact (Ester Grace Fanggara)
Fairuz Zamani:   Two Miniatures (Yee Ke-Jin)

Announcement of winners and prize presentation.

Ainolnaim Azizol 


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About the composers & pianists